our business

Ran Holdings, LLC develops wireless data companies that directly own wireless spectrum in major markets throughout the United States. By bringing on smart, forward-thinking entrepreneurs together we build companies that provide better insight to enterprise businesses, utilities, and cities; such as fleet tracking, machine to machine and smart city communications. Ran Holdings, LLC seeks to bring valuable IOT services to enterprises so they can access the data they need to reduce costs, increase profit margins and make better decisions. By doing so, we have placed ourselves and investors alike in an enviable area for consistent growth and unabated demand.

Our primary service is building, developing and managing  corporations with a strong wireless focus for the purpose of optimal exit strategies that can generate maximum asset value, with options including an individual asset sale, portfolio sale, operating company sale or public market execution—all of which RAN Holdings, LLC’s management has extensive experience in executing.

our objective

RAN Holdings, LLC seeks to deliver consistent, robust returns while placing a premium on preserving capital. The team performs a comprehensive risk/return analysis on each potential acquisition, and only acquires assets and businesses with asymmetrical return potential. Guided by an understanding that here has never been more demand or usage of wireless products or applications, RAN is positioned and ready, along with successful, motivated individuals who are seeking unique concepts for their long term portfolios to capitalize by acquiring and developing wireless corporations to meet the growing demands of the upcoming 5g landscape. 

our network

The executive team at RAN Holdings, LLC enjoys close relationships with some of the largest private equity and banking institutions in the country. Our experience of prior dealings includes 300 + private companies, Fortune 100 and 500 companies in a variety of different industries. Our network of entrepreneurs, thought leaders and executives delivers real value to our portfolio, sharing key learnings and insights in both advisory and operating roles.

industry experience

Our team has an average of 25 years of experience in high growth companies across the information landscape. Our focus has always been on the future of cutting-edge technologies and how they will shape the economy to come. We have taken a ground up approach by acquiring key wireless infrastructure assets to supply our enterprise customers the best in reliable, secure wireless data communication.