The Miami-Dade area is ranked number one in the country for the most business owners per capita, with nearly 8,690 businesses for every 100,000 adults. Furthermore, it is one of the leading international trade hubs in the world, recently setting a new national record $25.7 billion trade surplus. Fort Lauderdale is the heart of a robust, high-growth region of tech sector ramp-ups. This is the 6th largest metropolis in the United States and are looking at ways to utilize IOT services like smart waste management, smart metering, and smart parking just to name a few. Businesses within this market like fleet companies, utility providers, small businesses, warehouse management companies, public safety initiatives, ready-mix companies, railroads, and containers & cargo distributors can benefit greatly from big data. By utilizing big data analytics, it allows companies to better interact with their customers and therefore improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, validate decisions and identify trends.

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